Middle School FAQ

What is the Homework Policy? 

At Free Horizon, we believe that developing practical life skills and nurturing relationships at home is time well spent. Based on this belief, our homework policy is as follows:

Students are given time to complete homework in a work cycle in which teachers are providing hands on support and instruction.

Homework will not simply be given for the sake of giving homework. All homework is relevant to the instruction happening in class (relevance is key to the adolescent mind).

Large projects may require more homework, and they will come with rubrics so that parents know how to provide support at home.

We believe that the parent-child relationship needs more attention during early adolescence than at any other time of life, so we want to make sure you have that time. The sense of responsibility can be created by giving your child “grown up” jobs that make them feel an important part of your home community - cooking dinner, taking care of the lawn, helping with younger siblings are all examples of ways to start transferring adult responsibility.

Our teachers strive to assure homework load is manageable and relevant. We think your time as a family is more valuable.

What is the Dress Code? 

Fashion is important to the early adolescent. While this may seem like a small area to us as adults, it is HUGE to the early adolescent because it combines those 3 critical components of feeling things intensely, taking risks, and being the center of their own universe. At Free Horizon we follow a dress code, but also honor the uniqueness of a middle schooler. Our kids are definitely not cookie cutters. From suits and ties, to jeans and tees, natural brown hair, to funky pink, we embrace our middle schoolers for who they are!

What is the Discipline Policy? 

Discipline procedures are a fact of life in all school settings, however, at Free Horizon we feel strongly that students should be an active part of the disciplinary process through Restorative Practice.

Restorative Practices empower students to resolve conflicts on their own and in small groups, and is a growing practice in schools around the country. Essentially, the idea is to bring students together in small groups to talk, ask questions, and air their grievances, allowing the student to be actively involved in the process to repair any harm done to relationships.

Are There 1:1 Chromebook Options? 

All students will be assigned a Chromebook for academic use while at school. Students and parents will sign an agreement for use before a computer is issued.

I am Hungry All the Time, When Can I Eat? 


Is available for purchase before school. 


Research and experience indicate that adolescents benefit from having periodic snacks to meet the needs of their growing bodies. Students may bring healthy snacks from home and eat them at any time during the school day as work permits. Students are also encouraged to bring water bottles to school every day.


Students may bring lunch from home or purchase hot lunch. Lunch is 10:45 a.m. - 11:10 a.m. followed by a break outside until 11:30 a.m. Parents and students are encouraged to pack healthy snacks and lunches if bringing from home. Soda and "junk" foods are not allowed per the Student Handbook.

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