Middle School Academics

“My favorite part is that it’s easier to understand, since I can get a lesson anytime I need.”

~ Jaron, student

All Middle School students must enroll in one course in each of the following content areas: Humanities, Math, Science, Health & Wellness, Business & Economics, Family & Consumer Science, Service Learning, Career Exploration, and Advisement & Access. Many content areas offer an Honors option, which requires additional work from students enrolled in that track. Students also receive work study time where they can focus on projects or other schoolwork or receive individual additional help and explanation if needed. The majority of school work is done in the classroom with those who can provide the support needed, not sending it home into an environment that cannot adequately provide support.  


Some highlights and specialized academics in our program:

Humanities is a mix of history and literature, taught through impressionistic lessons, traditional textbook work, and independent research. Our literature is chosen to complement the topics discussed in history and is carefully woven into history and language lessons. Through this integration of history and literature, students read a variety of genres, authors, and styles in order to improve their critical thinking skills and their analytical, expository, persuasive, and expressive writing skills. Writing assignments take different forms: structured essays and poems, personal journal entries, creative pieces, and short articles. Peer editing and “read arounds” continue the Montessori inspired traditions of student evaluation and oral presentation. Students improve their reading, writing, geography, vocabulary, grammar, and writing mechanics through targeted lessons and essay revisions.​


Business & Economics class focuses on student-run businesses, which, for most students, is their first direct experience managing and operating a business. Students are responsible for the economic and business structure of the enterprise including marketing, sales, preparation, customer service, collecting monies, and ordering inventory. One of our most popular enterprises so far has been weekly sales of breakfast burritos to our community and the surrounding businesses. The success of earning money is a strong source of validation for an adolescent’s hard work, and proceeds from these student-run businesses help support classroom trips and activities.​ 

Math Students enrolled in the Middle School Mathematics Program at Free Horizon Montessori will experience an innovative approach to mathematics education: pairing modern technology with abstract modeling so students can experience a tactile understanding of mathematical concepts and theories. Students will not only learn required computation skills, they will also learn how to develop their logic and reasoning skills in order to solve real-world applications of algebra and geometry. 


Service Learning days are scheduled throughout the school year. Understanding that each of us has both the power and the responsibility to be of service is an important lesson to learn during adolescence. We firmly believe that both social service and environmental service help our students develop a positive morality. Our partnership with local organizations allows our students to practice building self-esteem, character, teamwork, respect, compassion, empathy and kindness. Students are encouraged to introduce new service projects and endeavors to our school community and are supported through the process of translating an idea into a reality. 


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