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Free Horizon Montessori

Free Horizon Montessori is an American Montessori Society Full Member School at Accreditation Pathway Level 6 of 10. We are currently actively working toward level 7.

Montessori is a unique, innovative, and practical approach to education that was developed a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. The method is so insightful that its precepts are being borne out today by modern neuroscience. Learn more about the basic principles of Montessori from the American Montessori Society.

Montessori schooling options in the United States today are often private, and sometimes charter. Free Horizon is unique in bringing this approach to a public school setting and using it to meet state standards as administered by Jefferson County.

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Individualized Education that Meets Students Where They Are

A student works on math with beads
Free Horizon Montessori teachers and assistants meet students where they are, creating a profoundly individualized educational experience. The fact that every child doesn’t need to be learning the same thing at the same time allows children more time to master tasks that are challenging for them, and the chance to rapidly build on concepts they have mastered. It is an ideal environment for students with special needs, gifted and talented students, and twice exceptional students, as well as more traditional students.  

The Montessori curriculum follows natural human development by focusing on concrete ideas and concepts early in student development, giving them an exceptional, solid foundation for learning more abstract concepts as they get older and their brain is ready for more complex and conceptual learning.

Our test scores indicate the approach is working, but more importantly, our alumni are well rounded individuals who care for themselves, their communities, and their environment. They are exceptionally well-prepared for high school, gifted and talented programs, International Baccalaureate programs, and ultimately success in college and beyond.

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Similarities and Differences with Other Montessori Programs

As soon as you walk into a Montessori classroom, you will notice some differences between it and a traditional school environment. One immediately apparent difference is, children are grouped in two- to three-year age ranges. At Free Horizon, preschool, preK, and Kindergarten students share a classroom, as do first, second, and third graders; fourth and fifth graders; and sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Learn more about the multi-age classroom and other core components of Montessori education here, and learn more about Free Horizon’s classrooms here.

One thing that you won’t find in some Montessori classrooms is technology. But here at Free Horizon Montessori, we believe that modern technology, though it was obviously not used by Dr. Montessori herself, is perfectly in sync with her goals of educating children to be full citizens, prepared for their world. We work to educate students to not only use technology to their best advantage, but also to become responsible and productive digital citizens.
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