Hello Amazing Families!

I already miss seeing the kids’ smiling faces! And I hope you all are healthy and safe.

Recent events have provided us with opportunities to be flexible and learn new things, like how to do Montessori online! There will be a steep learning curve for all of us. It will not be perfect, but we can do this! Besides, part of the Montessori philosophy is that learning happens anytime, anywhere, not just at school.

Preschool Movement Ideas from Ms. Tyler in Fresh Start
Preschool Movement 3-31-20 from Ms. Tyler

Things are of course changing daily, if not hourly; however, the current plan is as follows for the rest of this week:

Pre-K and Preschool:

· I am not required to take daily attendance.

· I will be sending daily emails to check in and say hi! My goal is to offer Montessori based ideas for you to do at home. I will also send links to different online learning sites as well as interesting things to read and do!

· There are many ways for your student to engage in Practical Life activities around the house; some ideas might include the following:

help sort and fold the laundry

set the table and/or clear the dishes

take care of the family pet

Walk around outside and look at the flowers coming up

Do arts and crafts

Fine motor activities, like playdough or just playing in the dirt

· If your child would like to reach out please email me and we will try to connect through Google hangouts. I am more than happy to chat with them and keep our connection strong!


· Daily attendance is required. Ways for me to take attendance could be an email from parents letting me know briefly what they did, chatting with me on google hangouts (for those that can type), an emailed photo of your child's work or your child working. If sending me pictures, please send the smaller size choice.

· I will be sending a daily email to each kindergartener with some activities and assignments. Please be patient the first couple of days as to how early these emails arrive :). My goal is to send level appropriate work customized for each child.

We realize this is a stressful time, and you and your child might be feeling worried or anxious. It might be challenging for you to juggle helping your child with their lessons along with all your other responsibilities. But we are here to support you! We hope that if we can keep some sort of routine going it might help your child feel more secure, and help these missed school days still be an opportunity for learning.

Finally, I am including a sample schedule for you. In no way do you have to follow this, it is a suggestion. It mirrors what we do at school, and is an attempt to take the burden of planning and finding things to do off your shoulders.

Looking for more? Let's talk through email and Google Hangouts.

Please know, I am thinking of your children and you as parents. I know this isn’t what you signed up for. Let me help bridge the gap for you. This has never happened before; let us all be patient.

Sample Schedule:

8:30-9:00 play outside if weather is good

9:00-11:00 “work cycle”- mix of fine motor, practical life, language, math, arts/ crafts, etc. Read books with your kids, play with them, make the most of this if you can!

11:00 clean up, ask your child what they liked about their day, what they are proud of, what they might want to do tomorrow.

Make sure you have emailed me (if your child is in Kindergarten especially!) with a picture or quick note so I know your child was “present” that day.

Sample Schedule

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