Partial Staff 2019-2020

Alphabetical 2019-2020

 Name                              Department Email
Shannon Aasheim
UE219 Collegiate Lead Teacher
 Seth Adcock Tech Specialist
Daphne Anderson LE206 Steamboat Educational Assistant
AC3 Lead
Miranda Anderson UE205 Medicine Bow Lead Teacher
Emily Andrews LE218 Aspen Educational Assistant
Madison Baghaie Middle School Educational Assistant
BC Lead
Sandee Beall Custodian
Traci Benson Kitchen Manager
Sarah Boddy P105 Columbine Lead Teacher
Bree Boldt P.E. Specialist
Middle School Health & Wellness
Rhonda Call-Cypher Math Special Education Teacher
Chris Caruso Math Interventionist
AC 4 Lead
Nancy Caldwell Primary Floater
AC2 Lead
Crystal Christy School Counselor
Karen Clough Financial Secretary
Jane Connard Front Office Receptionist Afternoons
Linda DeBruyn Middle School Humanities
Danielle Dixon P109 Lavender Educational Assistant
AC2 Assistant
Rachel Duncan Literacy Interventionist
Gifted/Talented Coordinator
Margaret Dzwilewski LE207 Frisco Educational Assistant
Kim Erickson LE214 Durango Lead Teacher
Danae Fields Enrollment Coordinator
Front Office Receptionist

Megan Francisco School Psychologist
Adam Garbus LE206 Steamboat Lead Teacher
Jenny Hebert Speech/Language Pathology Assistant
Lizzie Hempel UE204 Rabbit Ears Educational Assistant
Ariel Himes Full Time Health Office Aide
Paige Hoesly UE204 Rabbit Ears Lead Teacher
Ellen Ivy Special Education Teacher
Rachel Kiechle LE216 Dillon Lead Teacher
Lisa Kingston Principal's Secretary
HR Specialist
John Leintz LE215 Vail Educational Assistant
AC4 Assistant
Jennifer Levy Program Coordinator
Child Care Director
Interim Enrollment Coordinator
Brandon Leslie Facilities Manager
Millie Lippert P107 Poppy Educational Assistant
BC Lead
Donnetta MacDonald Assistant Principal
Lorie Mahoney P108 Snapdragon Educational Assistant
AC1 Lead
Tracy Marschall P110 Sunflower Lead Teacher
 Julia McCluer LE215 Vail Lead Teacher
Flora Meier UE205 Medicine Bow Educational Assistant
AC3 Assistant
Missy Patten P108 Snapdragon Lead Teacher
Kate Powell UE220 Kenosha Lead Teacher
Karen Purcell UE219 Collegiate Educational Assistant
BC Assistant
Miera Nagy Director of Finance and Advancement
Jesse Ornelis Student Success Coach
Elise Platz Speech/Language Pathologist
Paula Rail P108 Snapdragon Educational Assistant
Cheryl Ritter LE214 Durango Educational Assistant
AC Float
Catherine Schemmerling P107 Poppy Lead Teacher
Susanne Schiess Health Office Aide
Tony Schiess Music Specialist
Lisa Schnitzler P107 Poppy Educational Assistant
Kathy Schoen Middle School Math Teacher
Lynne Sekou Library Specialist
Kristin Shadowlight P109 Lavender Lead Teacher
James Shrout Full Time Custodian
Sarah Sidwell P109 Lavender Educational Assistant
Neve Siegfreid Occupational Therapist
Barb Simon P105 Columbine Educational Assistant
Derek Sinex Middle School Science and FACs Teacher
Heather Smith  Art Specialist
Miranda Snow P110 Sunflower Educational Assistant
BC Assistant
Lilly Stalcup P106 Shooting Stars Educational Assistant
Casey Stalker P106 Shooting Stars Lead Teacher
Siobhan Sullivan Instructional Coach
Tyler Surowicz LE216 Dillon Educational Assistant
Fresh Start
Colleen Toohey P110 Sunflower Educational Assistant
Assistant Child Care Director
Jolene Trujillo  P106 Shooting Stars Educational Assistant
BC Assistant
Julie Vecchiarelli UE220 Kenosha Educational Assistant
Reimond Vallier AC Aide
Susan Vallier Math & Reading Interventionist,
Communications, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
Kresta Vuolo Principal
Megan Wells Director of Operations
Jamie Widler LE218 Aspen Lead Teacher
Robin Ziemann LE207 Frisco Lead Teacher


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