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At Free Horizon Montessori, we know that there is more to children, more to education, than the isolated items of knowledge periodically assessed through standardized testing.   While we understand the necessity and value of accurate assessment, we strive to remember the importance of educating the whole child, of choosing not to lose sight of our students' humanity.  It is to this end that we offer specials classes.






The Art Room is a creative environment nurturing every child's artistic expression.  The curriculum allows students to take delight in the aesthetic qualities of art, enjoy the production, and find inspiration from Art History.  Students learn to discuss art, and to understand the elements and principles of Art and Design.   All children are artists, our students explore the diverse Art World by learning about Art History and many styles and mediums in Art.  Students gain confidence in their own work by learning techniques and strategies in a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and more.  Student art is celebrated and decorates our classroom, school and community. 

The art room is full of creativity and freedom, but it is also a place for serious learning. All FHM studio classes, including Middle School Art Electives, incorporate over-arching learning outcomes based on state and district standards. These include comprehension connecting to “Big Ideas” of expression, communicating, and making meaning, reflection and critical thinking through evaluation and analysis, Creating works that are connected to Big Ideas, and the transfer and articulation of new knowledge and skills that validate the Visual Arts to the human experience.





Guitar Playing
Music is an integral part of every student's education and provides students with unique experiences and skills essential for success in the 21st Century workforce.  Students receive instruction in all aspects of music:  singing, playing, moving, reading, listening, analyzing, creating, and performing.

Music courses survey different musical styles and periods with the intent of increasing students’ enjoyment of musical styles and/or developing their artistic or technical judgment. These courses may also focus on developing an understanding of a particular style or period of music.

Full year elective options for band/orchestra and choir will be offered in 2016-2017 for 6th - 8th graders. 




Jumping rope

Physical Education

Physical Education is an important educational component of all grades.  Research has shown a strong correlation between physical activity and improved academic success.  Plus, healthy students have fewer school absences, which also contributes to increased academic success.  The vision for students who graduate from Jeffco Public Schools is that they have the necessary knowledge, skills, concepts, and experiences for lifelong health and fitness.

Middle School Health and Fitness courses combine the topics of Health Education courses (nutrition, stress management, substance abuse prevention, disease prevention, first aid, and so on) with an active fitness component (typically including aerobic activity and fitness circuits) with the intention of conveying the importance of life-long wellness habits.




The Library Den

Notes from Ms. Lynne
Books Due May 9, 2018
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LibraryThe FHM library, nicknamed "The Den," is a multimedia space housing not only books but also a computer lab.  

The book collection includes reference materials, fiction and non-fiction materials for elementary students of all ages.  Topics included in the library curriculum include the Dewey Decimal System, introduction to keyboarding starting in 2nd grade, Internet safety, and copyright guidelines.  The fundamentals of research are explored through classroom assignments and activities to develop students' independence in using the library and its resources.  The mission of the library is based on nurturing life-long learning and gaining skills in using the tools needed to be successful 21st century global citizens.
2017 - 2018 Book Fair! 
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Technology Lab

girl at computerFHM has integrated technology into every classroom in the building. Students 1st through 6th grade also come to the Tech Lab every week for class. 

 Students in all grade levels cover the Standards for Students laid out by the International Society for Technology in Education. All students learn about being Digital Citizens in the 21st Century by covering the proper use of digital media, internet and computer safety, website credibility, digital collaboration and more. Basic computer skills are also taught including typing using the school's typing website:

boys at computerEach student also has a monitored and highly regulated Google Apps for Education account. These accounts are used to collaborate on digital projects, message teachers, save work and access Google Drive. Other topics covered are digital presentations, photo and video production, graphic design, data processing and computer troubleshooting

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